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Our in-house laboratory boasts highly specialized hematology and chemistry processing equipment that allows us to perform comprehensive wellness screening, diagnostic testing, chronic condition monitoring and critical care analyses.  Having an in-house laboratory means test results are obtained same day, and in many cases, at the time of an appointment


In addition to a blood analyzing equipment, we have a number of rapid "bed-side" tests that screen for diseases such as Canine Parvovirus, Lyme Disease, Feline Leukemia and Pancreatitis to name a few.  These tests require only a few drops of blood and produce accurate results in just minutes.


We are also equipped to perform complete urine testing as well as some limited parasitology, cytology and microbiology tests.


For any tests that we are unable to perform in house, we refer to a trusted off-site reference laboratory.  Overnight courier of samples allows for quick turn around of results.




X-rays are often vital in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries and disease, as well as identifying problems involving the heart, lungs, urinary system and gastrointestinal tract.  Our on-site radiology unit allows us to obtain this important diagnostic information.  



At Chester Basin Animal Hospital, we offer abdominal ultrasound as an advanced imaging tool to better diagnose and treat our patients.  Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves which are reflected off of structures to produce pictures.  These pictures allow us to look within organs to give us valuable information about potential disease processes and even obtain tissue samples in a safer and less invasive manner.


CardioPet™ ECG


An ECG or electrocardiogram is a test that measures electrical activity in the heart and is often used as a screening test to determine whether the heart is functioning properly.  CardioPet™ ECG uses a specialized device and software that allows ECG readings to be transmitted directly to a team of Telemedicine Cardiology Consultants who interpret the readings and advise on treatment plans for patients with cardiac disease.  We are proud to offer CardioPet™ ECG services at Chester Basin Animal Hospital for both health screening and STAT purposes.


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